Established in early 2014 as a collaboration between existing domains of expertise, Studio Workshop is a practice that defies categorisation by operating at the intersection of design, technology, craftsmanship, and the built environment. Studio Workshop is equal parts design studio and fabrication workshop, combined to deliver original results that are specific to the needs and parameters of each unique client and site. Using advanced computational design skills, in-house digital fabrication methods (CAD/CAM manufacturing), and time tested traditions of hand-craft and common-sense approaches to design, the practice is capable of delivering stunning results that are efficient, effective, and completely customised.

 The collective experience of the Studio Workshop team allows delivery of projects ranging from small scale, table-top bespoke items, furniture, interior fit-outs, signage, and building facades to full-scale residential, commercial, and civic scale projects. Our services include design, custom fabrication, and construction. In the best case scenario, we will take your project from concept through all phases of implementation and completion.

Operating from the Gold Coast, we have developed and/or implemented projects across the east coast of Australia with work in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, McKay, and in Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, Japan, and the United States.  Studio Workshop is fleet-footed and adaptable to a range of project scenarios, and is able to utilise expertise in robotic fabrication, modular assembly, flat-pack, and pre-fabricated construction strategies to successfully deliver remote projects of sophisticated complexity under challenging conditions.

As a creative collaboration between co-founders Rory Spence and Joel Hutchines, Studio Workshop has grown rapidly with the addition of Jonathan Nelson and Chris Knapp in 2015. This partnership blends the expertise of the four practice directors who all have professional and academic backgrounds in architecture, augmented by practical experience in building trades, on-site construction, and many facets of the architecture profession.  Studio Workshop is established with a joint ambition to transform today’s building industry, led by architectural thinking and supported by innovative software and fabrication technology that only recently has become available to practitioners. The team shares a passion for achieving the highest levels of hand crafted quality and integrity in their work whilst pursuing new built forms and organisations of space.